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This is the Leather Jacket Style Every Guy Can Pull Off

It’s up to you when you want to cross that line. And which side you want to land on. The racer jacket is a great example of what Primer consistently refers to as a “chameleon” item: Something that looks dressed up when worn with other dressy items, looks casual when paired with other casual items, and always looks intentional (another Primer word to live by) yet effortless. Being able to adapt an item to many different situations and environments, while looking great in all of them, is the true definition of versatility and smart style shopping. Especially if you’re a modern man who rocks a smart casual style.

The racer jacket isn’t only appropriate for many types of occasions and settings. Because of its chameleon-like properties, it’s also appropriate for every type of guy.

The older guy who wants to dress with some edge while still looking age-appropriate? Racer jacket. Or the younger guy who wants to add some refinement without looking stuffy? Racer jacket. Perhaps you don’t like to call too much attention to yourself, but you think leather jackets are just really great (they are)? Or you’re a rugged guy who hates feeling confined by heavy, bulky styles? A guy looking for a smart casual jacket you don’t have to take off when you arrive at a bar or event? Racer jacket, racer jacket, racer jacket.

The best thing about a more versatile leather jacket? You don’t have to feel like you’re trying on a jacket – or a persona – that doesn’t really suit you. It plays nicely with shawl collar sweaters and vintage band tees alike, according to your setting and mood.

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On that note – try swapping it in for your usual blazer or sport coat. Worn over a chambray shirt and slim cut chinos, it helps you stand out. In a good way. All without saying “yes, I’m trying REALLY HARD to be cool!” and just, y’know…being cool.

Now you just have to find a racer jacket that won’t fall apart in a year, yet won’t cost a significant percentage of your rent payment.

This is exactly the kind of conundrum that Thursday Boot Co. was born to solve.

If you’re thinking, “why is a BOOT company making leather jackets?” know that Thursday isn’t just any boot company. When the founders couldn’t find high quality and affordable leather boots, they built their brand – and their boots – from the ground up.

Thursday boots are constructed with top-of-the-line features, such as Goodyear Welt Construction and Tier 1 Grade A US leather, using the same suppliers and craftsmen that high-end brands use. But thanks to a lean manufacturing model, the resulting boots are not only well-made, durable, and handsome but priced significantly below the industry standard, too.

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