The Bentley Batur Is a $2 Million Coupe With 3D-Printed Gold Accents

A very expensive gray coupe lurks extra lurkfully in front of a blood-colored background. Spooky!

The Batur takes the current Conti’s lines and sharpens them up for an electric future.
Photo: Bentley

Special edition Bentleys usually don’t deal in half-measures. They either have huge power or crazy luxury or zany styling. The forthcoming Bentley Batur — named for an Indonesian mountain and crater lake — has all three. It’ll also be limited to just 18 examples and cost a staggering $1,995,097 before taxes or options.

But wait, the ridiculous figures don’t stop there. While the new body will be a preview of battery-electric Bentleys to come, the Batur will be proudly powered by petrol. Its retuned W12 engine will produce 737.56 pound-feet of torque, which isn’t quite full-size diesel truck territory, but friends, it’s not far off. It also makes 729 horsepower, which is pretty good, but in a world where a 797-horsepower Dodge starts at less than $80,000, it’s kind of not worth talking about. It’s also not the point.

Red and black, excessively opulent interior.

3D-printed gold? Not for plebs.
Photo: Bentley

Options on the Batur include natural fiber composite (Porsche is doing this on some of its race-car body parts, and we love it), lightweight titanium, and 3D-printed 18-karat gold touches. The idea of lightweight parts on a Bentley GT car is kinda funny since Bentley GTs usually weigh as much as two-and-a-half of Public Enemy’s uzis at the minimum, but I digress.

The Batur is slated to make its official debut in Monterey on Saturday, August 20, at an event for Bentley customers. If you want to order one, Mr. or Ms. I Just Sold My Startup, it’s too late. They’re all spoken for. Sorry.

Still a very expensive coupe in front of a peasant's blood-colored backdrop.

Listen, it doesn’t suck. That’s all I’m saying.
Photo: Bentley

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