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We started these affordable package deals to help advertise small businesses on the web. Whether you need to send 25,000 double opt in emails or 250,000. We can help. It's easy and really fast, just pick the package that is right for you and click on "Buy Now".

100% Targeted and Guaranteed Email Campaigns

  • A. Target recipients by Country, State and Category!
  • B. Real-time Reporting
  • C. Full Online Support
  • D. Money-Back Guarantee!
  • E. 3% MINIMUM Click-Through Rate (CTR) Guarantee for Targeted email campaigns.
  • F. Free Site Approval & Consultation
  • G. Quick Activation of Your Campaign

Permission Based and Targeted Email Campaigns:

  • Don’t pay for Unverified email addresses!
  • Don’t pay for expensive mailing softwares!
  • Don’t pay to have your domain name banned and moved in blacklists!

If we fail to reach the percentage of CTR promised with your order, or in the time we say that it will be be delivered, you will be refunded 100%. No questions asked! We will also keep your campaign online until you receive the amount of clicks promised!

Advanced Delivery TECHNOLOGY

Email Campaigns – As a leader in this growing area of e-marketing, we provide our clients with millions of the highest quality double verified opt-in email recipients that are exclusively accessible only through us.

We are simply the best at what we do

We utilize the newest technologies to broadcast campaigns to our recipients efficiently and accurately.


All fees listed are one time cost!

Targeted Email CampaignsCost$/CPMBuy Now!
Send 25,000 Targeted Emails110.00$0.0044
Send 50,000 Targeted Emails$200.00$0.004
Send 100,000 Targeted Emails$350.00$0.0035
Send 250,000 Targeted Emails$650.00$0.0026
Special Offer: Order 100,000 targeted double opt-in emails and get your professionally looking 468×60 pixels sized Flash or Animated GIF banner designed for free within 48 hours!
Untargeted Email Campaigns Cost$/CPMBuy Now!
Send 25,000 Global Emails $100.00$0.00285
Send 50,000 Global Emails $180.00$0.0036
Send 100,000 Global Emails$350.00$0.0035
Send 250,000 Global Emails $600.00$0.0024
Special Offer: Order 250,000 untargeted double opt-in emails and get your professionally looking 468×60 pixels sized Flash or Animated GIF banner designed for free within 48 hours!
Our Targeted Email Campaigns come with 3% Minimum Click-Through Rate Guarantee!
Want to send 500,000+ Emails? Please contact us for volume discounts.
Many companies brand their email solicitations as opt-in. However, believes in true permission-based marketing. When a subscriber joins our network and provides us with his/her demographics and areas of interest, it’s just the beginning of our Opt-in process. The second step is we send a confirmation email to verify that the subscriber truly wants to receive the pertaining subject matter. The final step is we further confirm the authenticity of the record by matching it against our database of B2B and B2C.
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