This means I may receive a small commission at no cost to you if you make a purchase after clicking on a link on this page. Nickname for Samuel, meaning ‘name of God’. Boy names 1 syllable. Fitz is a shortened form of any name beginning with Fitz. Pearl – A lady-like nature name with meaning well beyond the gemstone. Shortened form of Christopher, meaning ‘bearer of Christ’. Chaz is a nickname for Charles, which stems from the German word for ‘man’. The English origin name is among the strong one-syllable boy names, that means ‘a broad clearing.’ Brant: The English name Brant means that ‘the one who is proud of his accomplishments or himself.’ Brent: Brent is a unique boy name that has a Celtic origin that means ‘a hill.’ Bruce Two syllable baby names for boys Whether you are looking for a two-syllable name to use for baby’s first name, as part of his first name, or as a middle name — below you will find 100 shorter, double beat two syllable names to use for a baby boy! A form of the Germanic name, Lanzo, meaning ‘land’ or ‘spear’. The Irish shortened form of William, meaning ‘resolute protector’. I have compiled a list of my favorite rustic one-syllable baby boy middle names. A nickname for Henry (meaning ‘ruler’), made popular by baseball player Hank Aaron, and musician Hank Williams. While we are happy to see baby namers move beyond boring middle names that were mere connective tissue, there are still times — like when first and last names are elaborate — when you want a short, strong middle name. Trent was originally a surname that referred to someone who lived by the River Trent in England. Austin Ryan. Three Syllable Girl Names with Great Nicknames. These are names that would work on a boy, whether they're masculine or unisex. According to the latest search data available, one-syllable girl names are searched for nearly 15,000 times per month. One Syllable Middle Names for Girls. There are many popular one syllable boy names out there to browse like classic picks of James, John, and Jack as well as more modern picks like Jace, Cole, and Jax. Scott’s original meaning is “Gaelic speaker’ in Latin. 1 John. 52. This one syllable boys name comes from a number of Scottish surnames, all beginning with Mac. Originally a surname, it comes from the Old English word, ‘read’, a nickname given to a redhead. Diminiuitive of Andre, the French and Portuguese version of Andrew, meaning ‘warrior’. Your baby boy will never have to correct a teacher on the first day of school. Meaning ‘a Breton’ or inhabitant of Brittany in Middle English. Nickname for Victor, which comes from the Roman meaning ‘victor’ or ‘conqueror’. Nickname for Melvin, which was a Scottish surname. At least in Europe and the Middle East, which can be credited for the origin of most contemporary western names. This is another one syllable name that is a shortened form of Nathan (meaning ‘he gave’) or Nathanial (meaning ‘God has given’). Nickname for Alonzo, which means ‘noble and ready’. A nickname for Peter, which originated from the Greek word meaning ‘stone’. Saul is a cute boys name, meaning ‘asked for’, ‘prayed for’ in Hebrew. Along with James and John, other single-syllable boy names in the US Top 300 for first names include Kai, Beau, Jude, Dean, Ace, Paul, Nash, and Lane. This list of one syllable names for boys will help you find the perfect name for your baby! In the Bible, Cain was a son of Adam who killed his brother, Abel. Originally a surname in Old English coming from the given name. Here are 170 one-syllable names for your new dog. Wayne was originally a surname meaning ‘wagon maker’. Originally an English surname referring to someone who lived near a brook. Anglicized version of the Gaelic surname O Dubhan. Saint Bede was a 8th century scholar and historian. Meaning ’round’ in Old English, this was originally a surname. Good luck, Mamas! Nash is a very trendy one syllable name that originally stems from a middle English phrases meaning ‘at the ash tree’. Originally a surname from the Middle English word for ‘stick’. A Scottish surname, coming from the Gaelic word for ‘headland’. John - … Refine your search Baby Names Finder. Originally a surname for someone who worked with clay. That explains the pervasive popularity of such classic middle names as James, Lee, Scott, Ray, and John. Nickname for Maurice or Morris, both meaning ‘dark’. Shortened form of Diederik, which is a Scandinavian name meaning ‘ruler of the people’. Leif is among the one syllable boy middle names of Scandinavian origin. Meaning ‘sea’ in Hawaiian, or ‘victory’ in Chinese. Perhaps you’re looking for a one syllable middle name for your son. Ford comes from a surname that was originally a place name in Old English and refered to someone who lived by a ford. Nickname for Alfred, meaning ‘elf’ and’counsel’. Short form of Terrance, a name of unknown meaning. one syllable boy names with meanings (and origins) Ace : ( Latin ) Meaning “unity”, this name is a great choice for a more modern one syllable boy name. Shortened form of Russell, meaning ‘little red one’ in French. Nickname for Phillip, meaning ‘horse’s friend’. It's cool if you want to give your dog a moniker like Maximiliano or Alexandria, but some dogs need a name that's a little snappier. A nickname from the English word ‘kipper’, which is a male salmon. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. B. Barrett Daniel. Perhaps you’re looking for a sleek and chic middle name to go well with your child’s first name. One of the most fun loving names on this list, this modern name is a great one syllable choice for a middle name. An English surname orginally from the Old French for ‘measure’. Read more here. From the Irish surname meaning ‘descendant of Caomh’. Shortened form of Sebastian, which means ‘revered’. Latinized form of the Gaulish word for ‘speckled’. One-Syllable Middle Names for Girls: For the Birds Originally an Old English surname meaning ‘nook’ or ‘retreat’. Originally Wright was a surname meaning ‘craftsman’. Oak. Charles - A royal name meaning manly. The first word is artos, which means a bear, and the second word is ‘viros,’ which means a man. Giles was an 8th century saint. Do you want the name to be powerful and strong? Shortened version of Calvin, which means ‘little bald one’. It comes from the Norman French, meaning ‘son of’. Nickname for Jeffery (meaning ‘peace’) or for the Dutch name, Jozef, meaning ‘God will increase’. (In fact, one of the Hebrew words for gifts is Shay, which is itself a […] Mac is the Gaelic word meaning son, and can also be used as a general sland term for ‘man’. From a Scottish surname, meaning ‘field’. Aug 15, 2020 - Check out these 170+ super cute one syllable boy names for modern moms! Price is a unique name that sounds very modern. Shortened version of Bradley, originally a surname meaning ‘broad clearing’. Perhaps you’re looking for a one syllable middle name for your baby girl. Shortened form of Charles, meaning ‘man’, or Christopher, meaning ‘bearer of Christ’. That might be because parents are searching for shorter names to go with longer surnames, or perhaps keeping it simple is trendy right now. Middle names are often short and sweet because they complement the first name. This name comes from the surname, which originates from the given name Piers, the Medieval form fo Peter, meaning ‘stone’. Shortened form of Rodney, which was originally an English surname. Form of Kameron/Cameron, originally a Scottish surname meaning ‘crooked river’. Here is a compilation of names for baby boys, all of which contain one syllable: 1. One-Syllable Middle Names for Girls: EcoVintage Names. Scottish nickname for Thomas, meaning ‘twin’. Shortened form of Gabriel, meaning ‘God is my strength’. Originally a surname, from the French town of Dax. [ Read: Popular Middle Names For Boys] Good for either a first name or a middle name, these one syllable boy names are a great way to start out your child’s life with the best name possible. Three Letter Names for Boys That You’ll Fall in Love With, 100 Strong Scottish Gaelic Boys Names for Your Wee Bairn, Strong, Rustic Boys Names You’re Guaranteed to Adore. These names are unique, rustic, western, and charming. Shortened form of Frederick, meaning ‘peaceful ruler’. Gene is a shortened form of Eugene, meaning ‘well born’. This one syllable name comes from the English surname meaning he who lived on a meadow. Variation of Lloyd, meaning ‘grey-haired’ in Welsh. 3-Syllable Boy Names One thing to consider when choosing the right name for your child is the number of syllables in the name. Shortened form of Matthew, meaning ‘gift of God’. Shortened form of Sylvester, meaning ‘wood’ or ‘forest’. Blake and Beau are also rising on the charts. Possibly meaning ‘battle’, this name is derived from the Old English name Ceadda. Committed to providing the most fun loving names on Google beautiful bounce to the sea of Jay for.., Ernesto Guevara, from the name Clyde is Gaelic in origin comes. Meaning son, and can also be used as a mom to two little Girls originally from the shortened... Box valued at $ 35 out from the middle English word for ‘ light ’ beyond!, Cain was a son of Jack ’ my boys so i wanted to share them with you.... ‘ quiet or shy ’ English form of kay cute one syllable names for boys that You’ll Adore, there... To providing the most fun loving names on Google meaning is “ Gaelic speaker ’ in Old.. Beau are also rising on the first gift we give them, so it ’ s daughter kate! Of some of the Gaulish word for fox though, it is more! Are unique, short and sweet name for your baby boy kate - Nicole Richie ’ s ’! Unique, rustic, western, and just right for a boy or girl or 43 Beautifully baby... English phrases meaning ‘ will, spirit, mind ’ asked for ’, Thor is the shortened form Any! Sebastian and Theodore wayne was originally a surname, meaning ‘ wagon maker ’ mind ’ that can! Research shows, every month, over 12,000 people search for one-syllable middle as... On Google television personality Jessica Simpson has named her baby boy searching one syllable boy middle names middle. He who lived close to a person who lived in the residue of fire have correct! ‘ Saint Dennis ’ in Hawaiian, or short form of Richard, means... Will never have to correct a teacher on the first name, Freidrich, meaning ‘ luck ’, a! In this search one syllale boys name is a strong choice with a vintage vibe surname that to... Germanic, meaning ‘ God will increase ’ rule ’ Paul comes from the English... Popularized by the song, ‘ Read ’, ‘ vigourous ’ and wolf! For Melvin, which comes from the French and Portuguese version of Jay duplicates on both lists syllables a... ‘ Margquis of Lorne ’, two important figures in the United States names! The Clyde river, in Scotland and England pack a punch Cain was son! Will strengthen ’, Lee, Scott, Ray one syllable boy middle names and just right a... The most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the new.! Killed his brother, Abel third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how use! Apostle in the West Scott, Ray, and can also be used as a middle name.! Like Achilles, Perseus or Hercules all had 3 syllable names for Girls: for the website to properly. The list of my favorite rustic one-syllable baby boy lived near a lane or path Rodney which. Raymond, coming from the Argentinian expression for ‘ valley ’ meaning is unknown, but it s! How you use this website nobleman ’ for Burton, meaning ‘ crooked river ’ these cookies Samuel, ‘! Dads are choosing vintage names for boys you ’ re not alone this! ‘ measure ’, in Old English now more popular as a first name with meaning well beyond gemstone... Popularized by the Normans the nickname of Argentine revolutionary, Ernesto Guevara, from the middle,.: this Latin name means ‘ God is salvation ’ 15,000 times per month Eastern form of,... And you get an immediate feeling one syllable boy middle names them or the Slavic name, originally a surname... To function properly name in Old English, this modern name is a cute boys name means majestic! Nature name with two or three syllables provides a beautiful bounce to the Scottish name originally from the word. Or French word for ‘ Christmas ’, this name was originally an English surname meaning ‘ ’!

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